Australia hosts NZ's leading health tech companies

10 April 2015: For the first time, New Zealand’s health technology experts will visit Australia as part of the first New Zealand Connected Care Showcase.

New Zealand is recognised for its world-class health sector, powered by a leading health IT industry. New Zealand is a hub for award-winning health technology providers who attract international attention and investment for sophisticated health products, services and information systems including regional electronic health records (EHR) and practice and clinical management systems for hospitals and GPs.

Comprising of 10 leading New Zealand health technology companies, the multi-city roadshow covers Sydney (13 April 2015), Brisbane (15 April 2015) and Melbourne (17 April 2015).

Each of the three events will be opened by a welcome presentation by Michael Rillstone, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Beachheads Advisor, Managing Director of Rillstone Wells and former Chief Executive of Healthshare NSW.

“The roadshow provides a direct link to senior representatives at companies delivering New Zealand’s world-class health systems across the continuum of care from hospitals, community clinics to telemedicine and home care. Leading health technology providers whose products and services result in smarter hospitals, faster IT interfaces, reduced costs and variations of care and better outcomes for patients,” said Rillstone.

“We encourage Australia’s healthcare industry to attend the Connected Care Showcase, particularly health and social care professionals who are interested in advancing improved delivery of coordinated, person-centred care and health outcomes,” continued Rillstone.

The Connected Care Showcase will feature an array of companies operating in the healthcare field:

Healthpoint Limited

Develops and implements world-leading decision support tools for health providers and consumers. Using the directory tool, users can find in-depth information on nearby health services from any device, leading to better understanding, more engagement and better health outcomes. Next is a cloud clinical decision support tool which converts clinical pathways and presents them in a patient personalized form, integrated at the point of care for general practice to use. Nexxt helps reduce variation of care and improves utilisation of resources for health systems and better outcomes for patients.


Winscribe is a leading provider speech-enabled documentation solutions for healthcare organisations. It offers accurate digital dictation services, secure mobile recording, and its solutions facilitate the faster creation and processing of medical documentation. As a result of the heightened administrative efficiency Winscribe solutions provide, clinicians have more time to spend with patients.

HSA Global

HSAGlobal’s Connected Care Management Solution (CCMS) provides a shared care plan and care coordination platform to support the needs of high users of the healthcare system. Designed to support integration between primary, secondary and community care, CCMS allows clinicians to actively plan with one another and their patients. In effect, by facilitating the order and tracking of service delivery to a patient, the CCMS increases efficiency, improves patient service and, also, reduces the per capita cost of care.


Intrahealth is a global software company supplying a range of products and services to the healthcare industry. Its products focus on patient and client management within the outpatient environment and the integration with the rest of the healthcare community. Its products are easily scalable and meet the diverse needs of both small- and large-scale health related businesses.

SHI Global

SHI Global’s healthlnx is sophisticated cloud-based software that enables healthcare teams and organisations to provide patients with an individualized and interactive time lined care plan to be carried out at home. healthlnx improves clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, compliance with treatment strategies, co-ordination of team-based care and scalability of management programmes.

Orion Health

Orion Health is a global leader in providing world-class healthcare software and solutions to healthcare organisations. It offers solutions for intelligent integration, smarter hospitals and, consequently, Orion helps increase the time clinicians can spend with patients. Orion Health software is designed for hospitals and health systems that are looking for smarter, more efficient integration and workflow solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience Orion Health has successfully partnered with over 1,000 customers across 30 countries and implemented health information systems for populations of more than 50 million people.

IntelliSure Group

A privately owned financial and health services group of companies operating across Australia and New Zealand. Our clients include domestic and international insurance and health organisations. We are noted for our commitment to quality and ability to address customer needs and develop tailored solutions, applying best industry practices and expertise. We help organisations to solve the problems faced by the insurance ecosystem where individual insurers can’t always solve industry problems on their own.


HealthLink provides a platform to securely exchange approximately 80 million electronic messages annually amongst 15,000 healthcare organisations. It provides widely used authentication infrastructure and a growing range of online services. A specialist secure messaging and connectivity provider that is used by 99 percent of New Zealand GPs, more than 90 percent of Australian GPs, and thousands of other health sector organisations across Australasia.


AMS delivers automated Roster-To-Pay (R2P), and is designed for complex workforce environments, such as health. R2P integrates the process from the creation of a roster for frontline staff on the ward, though to their approval of worked hours, it automatically calculates the correct pay interpretation based on the applicable Enterprise Agreement and feeds the payroll solution.

Atlantis Healthcare

Atlantis Healthcare designs and delivers behaviour change solutions that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people at risk of, or living with, long-term disease. To do so, it draws on the expertise and skill of health psychologists to inform its understanding of people and health. Atlantis Healthcare partners with a range healthcare providers, insurers and pharmaceuticals to deliver these solutions.

For more information or interviews with the roadshow participant companies, please contact:
Georgina Hardy, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Direct: 02 9286 1232