New Zealand industrial technology in the spotlight in Brazil

1 May 2016: A-Ward,  Compac, Milmeq, Scott Technology and Wellington Drive are representing New Zealand manufacturing potential at the FEIMEC trade fair, in Brazil. 

New Zealand initiatives and innovations developed to improve industrial productivity are being shown in Brazil between May 3 and 7, During the Brazil International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition - FEIMEC 2016, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil is also home to the world’s 5th largest population (more than 200 million people), providing an attractive consumer market for investors. latest figures from government statistic agency IBGE, annual output reaches: Food and Beverage – US$100 billion, Automobiles and Auto Parts – US$70 billion, Oil and Gas - US$50 billion, Petrochemicals – US$40 billion, Mining – US$30 billion, Metals and Steel – US$50 billion, Electric and Electronic Equipment – US$35 billion, Paper and Packaging – US$15 billion.

And thanks to trade deals, such as Mexico and Argentina, Brazil also offers convenient access to other markets in Latin America.

A-Ward, Compac, Milmeq, Scott Technology and Wellington Drive, all companies that are internationally recognized for their use of cutting-edge technology, automation and integration, are presenting ways of ensuring better performance in industrial processes, reducing costs and increasing quality and efficiency for different industrial sectors.

A-WARD – A company specialised in the development of systems for the handling, loading and unloading of bulk materials in the agribusiness, industrial pharmaceuticals, mining, plastics and recycling sectors. Through its innovative processes, A-Ward offers cost reductions in labor and transport, and increases in productivity, hygiene, quality and operational security. These processes are operated by remote control and are ideal for high-risk industrial environments. A-Ward offers an extensive support network of specialists who assist clients in obtaining maximum efficiency from the equipment. A-Ward exports to almost 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Canada, the United States, France, Russia, Japan and Thailand. Find out more at:  

COMPAC – Compac is the world leader in complete, turnkey sorting and packing solutions for the fresh produce industry. The company works with the world's leading packhouses to deliver end-to-end solutions that improve performance, streamline operations, ensure quality and consistency of produce and reduce labor requirements. More information at:

MILMEQ – A global pioneer in design technology for foodstuff processing companies, Milmeq offers solutions for refrigeration and freezing, as well as the handling of materials common to the meat, poultry, dairy, seafood and horticulture sectors. The company offers a complete service, from design and manufacture, to installation and maintenance. Its solutions provide single and multiple retention tunnels (SRT and MRT) that use an air-blast system to distribute uniform air-conditioning for the refrigeration or freezing of products; plate freezers that reduce the chilling cycle; and a completely automated system for transfer of stock for the classification, storage and recovery of perishable food products. Find out more at:

SCOTT TECHNOLOGY – Scott Technology specializes in the design, development and production of innovative and automated systems for the home appliance, meat processing, industrial automation, superconductors and mining industries. The company covers everything in this area from standard equipment to mechanical and completely automated systems, all designed and developed to increase its clients’ productivity. It exports 98% of the equipment it manufactures to 90 countries and has been active in the sector since 1913. Visit the official website:

WELLINGTON DRIVE – Wellington Drive Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electronic solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry, meeting the wide-ranging needs of the food and beverage sectors. Its solutions range from highly efficient refrigeration motors to electronic temperature controls that include remote monitoring and management systems. Amongst the advantages of this type of equipment are the speed control, intelligent protection system, and technology providing protection against dirt and water. Wellington Drive has a global presence with offices on every continent. Find out more at:

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About Feimec 

The Brazil International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition - FEIMEC 2016 is the official exhibition of the industry of machinery, equipment, parts and tools, and it is considered the strategic platform for the industry. It is an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipments Manufacturers (ABIMAQ) and more than 30 entities of the industry and will take place in the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, in São Paulo, from 03 to 07 May 2016.


The Brazilian Machinery Builders´Assotiation (ABIMAQ) was founded in 1975 with the aim of acting in favor of strengthening the domestic industry, the mobilization of industry, the implementation of actions with political and economic bodies, stimulate trade and international cooperation and help to improve their performance in terms of technology, training of human resources and administrative modernization. For more information visit: 

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