NZTE adds all-electric cars to its fleet

23 December 2015: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise has embraced a new era in emerging green technology, adding four all-electric vehicles (EVs) to its car fleet.

At present, there are around 900 EVs registered in New Zealand with more being bought and driven each week. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) has selected the Nissan Leaf.

“New Zealand’s unique position of having very high levels of sustainable energy is something that New Zealand businesses can leverage internationally and NZTE is in a good position to promote the mega-trend towards renewable energy both on and offshore with companies,” NZTE Chief Executive, Peter Chrisp says.

Around 80 per cent of New Zealand’s domestic and commercially-used electricity is now sourced from renewable hydro-geothermal and wind power and New Zealand is a world leader in renewable energy production.

Earlier this month, New Zealand was one of around 200 countries which signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which will come into effect in 2020. The agreement will require all countries to tackle climate change and aim to stabilise global warming well below two degrees above pre-industrial levels, and less if possible.

EVs are cheaper to run than petrol-fuelled cars, produce less carbon emissions and reinvest money into the New Zealand economy by using home-produced power.

It’s for these reasons the cars are all branded: “All electric. Good for NZ. Good for Business.”

“Every business in New Zealand could look at how they can contribute to lowering emissions and EVs are one way they could do that. That is a message we can help to spread,” Mr Chrisp said.

New Zealand already has companies leading the way in the renewables sector including wind, water and geothermal power production; researching the commercialisation of power from sustainable biofuels; using smart design to improve energy efficiency and sustainability for industry, construction and building design; and in using novel technology and processes to minimise waste and convert it into energy, inert materials and/or high value products.

The advantage in renewables aligns with New Zealand’s international brand positioning which we, and our businesses, are telling through the NZ Story – particularly through the core values of kaitiaki and resourcefulness.