Experts tips for breaking the US natural products market

Natural Products Market

05 March 2018

Candice Watson / Business Development Manager / NZTE North America

The opportunity for New Zealand natural product companies in the U.S. is immense – or in the words of U.S. natural products leader Gary Hirshberg, “unlimited”.

You need only look at the U.S. organic market, which has grown from $5.5 billion in 2001 to $50 billion today, for proof. But while the opportunity is huge, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

• What’s behind this growth? 
• How can companies use New Zealand's brand reputation to take advantage of this growth? 
• What are we missing by not having a national organic seal? 
• Why we need to sit up and take notice of the influence millennials are having on what we buy – and how we buy it
• Why does the former co-CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb, say New Zealand companies must do more to tell rich stories to differentiate themselves from competitors 

Three U.S-based natural products experts recently spent time in New Zealand to help natural products companies with their U.S. market entry. We managed to commandeer some of their time to answer these questions, plus share tips on how to successfully navigate this bountiful, yet complex market opportunity.