Fresco invests in incredible India

Looking through a magnifying glass to an Indian Gateway

05 March 2019

Fresco NZ are world leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke systems to handle and process bulk materials. Their machinery operates at the heart of sectors as diverse as dairy, food, beverages, water treatment, petrochemicals, and plastics.

Fresco NZ make systems to meet their client’s unique challenges. Their systems tailor-make products, at reduced costs, with improved quality across the board. They design, engineer, install and guarantee each system in-house.

With an expanding global presence, Fresco decided to focus their attention on one of the world’s fastest-growing markets – India.

India’s large population, expanding export sector, and growing interest in their industry made it an attractive market. The opportunity was particularly prevalent in the food, dairy and beverage sectors. However, this decision came with challenges. This included import duties, complex payment terms and the need for local references.

With this mix of opportunity and challenge, it became clear that having a well-trained team on the ground would be essential. Such a setup would allow them to establish a physical footprint, grow a sales pipeline, and respond face-to-face to technical enquiries from potential clients.

With this in mind, Fresco started working with NZTE’s team in India to help them achieve their goals.

Anup D’Silva, the Regional Director for Fresco India, said the Indian based NZTE team helped Fresco navigate the complex Indian business environment and access to their network of local businesses and specialist service providers. This was accompanied by strategic sales training tailored to the market.

Fresco participated in a four-day intensive programme run by NZTE. The programme delved into doing business in India; exploring commercial agreements, working with recruitment consultants, tax law, and how to set up a smooth and reliable supply chain. They followed this up with a money-can’t-buy networking event which used cricket to bring businesses together. The networking event featured members the BlackCaps, on hand for photos, autographs and conversation.

With more and more projects secured in India, Fresco recently relocated two more employees to the country. They are also recruiting further administration and engineering staff to work alongside them. With NZTE’s help, they have also established a company based in the tech hub of Bengaluru. Fresco NZ is now looking forward to further growth in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Watch our interview with Ken Hetherington, Regional Director of Fresco, on advice for New Zealand companies doing business in India.

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