Going for business gold in Brazil

12 August 2016

Ralph Hays / Trade Commissioner and Consul General, Mumbai More articles from Ralph Hays

With the Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has had its fair share of the spotlight lately. Unfortunately, not always for positive reasons. Infrastructure issues and delays, Zika virus, water quality in Rio for the aquatics competitions…over the last 6 months the main question that my team and I get asked is, “How bad is it?!” Instead, the real question I would like to be asked is: “What opportunities are there for the people that would like to make a difference?” 

But while the 200+ million figure is impressive, it is not easily up for grabs. New Zealand companies that do best in Brazil are the ones who have identified a niche for themselves and have crafted a strategy and marketing pitch around it. Zespri is a great example.
The company has been in market since 2012. In that time its market share has been growing significantly, with sales this year expected to reach 1 million trays. Worldwide, Zespri positioned itself as a premium brand and its strategy is continuously focused on finding the right partners and target consumers. In Brazil, its target consumers account for less than 2% of the Brazilian population — but with a population of over 200 million, it’s one they are doing quite well with.  

The New Zealand Story supports our companies to tell a story about their technological innovation and ingenuity. But I also believe we need to tell a story about resilience and tolerance, showing that we actually have the tools and resources to rapidly respond to challenging demands. FRAMECAD, a New Zealand company whose equipment and technology was used to help build some of the infrastructure for the Rio 2016 Olympics, illustrates this well. Brazil is well renowned for being an agriculture powerhouse and some New Zealand companies are doing great in the country, but it’s important to show there are opportunities in other sectors.

FRAMECAD has developed a modern and rapid construction system using structural light gauge steel framing, an innovative and cost-effective approach that answers the demands of several construction sectors in the Brazilian market (and other developing markets worldwide). Through one of its local costumers, FRAMECAD has been involved with both the 2014 Football World Cup with the Maracanã Stadium reconstruction and now, for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the Media TV Tower and  International Broadcast Studios. NZTE  not only helped FRAMECAD enter the market, but it is also involved in supporting FRAMECAD’s participation in key sector events and business opportunities.

As for the Olympics, we at NZTE are looking forward to a very challenging, yet successful, competition. Two very exciting weeks, with lots of activities between us,  New Zealand companies and their local stakeholders, New Zealand Inc initiatives, rugby and golf debuts and plenty of medals for our New Zealand athletes, who will show the world our pride in being a Kiwi, our leadership, competitive advantage and sporting excellence.

Zespri, FRAMECAD, Hamilton Jet, Yealands Estate Wines, ADInstruments, Aeroqual, Fisher & Paykel and so many other NZTE customers in Brazil will be there with us too.

This story was originally published in NBR.