Award winning WeChat campaign in China

Award winning WeChat campaign in China

06 September 2017

An NZTE online marketing campaign using WeChat in China has been awarded the Best International Social Media campaign at the 2017 New Zealand Social Media Awards.

Taste NZ is an annual food and beverage programme run by NZTE in a number of selected channels within Asian markets. It aims to raise the visibility of New Zealand products in local supermarkets, drive in-market sales, and provide an opportunity for Kiwi companies to get closer to consumers and connect with supermarket decision-makers.

NZTE hired UMS (United Media Solutions) in early 2014, a digital marketing company based in New Zealand and China, to create and run a WeChat campaign for Taste New Zealand in China. 

“The aim of the platform was to create a group of people with the potential and interest to keep purchasing New Zealand products,” says Maxwell Shi, NZTE’s Regional Marketing and Communications Manager for Greater China.

“Every consumer who purchased a New Zealand product online during the promotional period received a voucher with their products. That voucher included a QR code that consumers could scan using their WeChat account. Every consumer who scanned the QR code received points that could then be used while shopping for other New Zealand products. Users earned points every time they purchased New Zealand products and they were kept active through regular competitions and prize draws,” says Shi.

The programme has built a database of 70,000 members. Working with NZTE, UMS has been able to collect and analyse consumer insights from the database to promote other New Zealand brands and products.

“This database is our asset, and our aim is to increase this and further promote New Zealand companies and products to that database of consumers. We’ll do this by leveraging the database with incentives to buy New Zealand products,” says Shi.

NZTE is using the Taste NZ platform to conduct surveys and questionnaires to gain greater customer insights. These surveys are helping NZTE collect information on consumer attitudes and opinions of New Zealand brands, products and general category data.

The NZTE team has plans to grow the programme to reach 100,000 active consumers over the next two years.

“We want the programme to be sought after by New Zealand companies and consumers alike,” says Shi. “But this campaign is just the tip of the iceberg when you look at the potential of how digital channels like WeChat are part of doing business in China. I’d encourage all New Zealand companies exporting to China to consider digital campaigns as a way to really engage with consumers.”

The success of the programme was confirmed earlier this week when it was named a winner in the International Campaign category at the New Zealand Social Media Awards