Country of origin labelling rules come into force in Australia

01 May 2018

New Country of Origin Labelling rules come into play in Australia on 1 July 2018. That means the thousands of New Zealand businesses exporting across the ditch have only two months to comply with the new requirements.


What do the new labels mean for businesses?

The laws mean:

  • Food products sold in Australian supermarkets and other retail outlets must display a label that clearly identifies where the food comes from.
  • Labels on most foods grown, produced or made in Australia will feature the symbol of a kangaroo in a triangle and indicate the percentage of ingredients that are Australian.
  • Requirements for using claims like ‘Product of’, ‘Made in’ and ‘Packed in’ have been made clearer.


Resources to help you get it right

There are plenty of tools and information available to help you understand and use the new labels correctly. To help you get it right, you can: