Judge raves about business awards finalists

18 October 2016

NZTE Convenor of Judges, David Downs, chats with the NZ Herald about the exciting companies shortlisted for this year's New Zealand International Business Awards.

 Watch David Downs as he chats with the NZ Herald about New Zealand International Business Awards.

The stand out factors for me this year have been around we’re seeing the real value added story come into play. A lot of the large companies for example are really understanding how they can add value to the volume of work that they do internationally and create niches for themselves internationally which is incredible to see and really the story of New Zealand success internationally.

So we can see some companies like GMP Pharmaceuticals, like Tegel Chicken for example who are really starting to grow internationally with some of their really high value premium prices they’re able to charge for their chicken internationally. We’re seeing companies like Orion Healthcare who’s obviously this health IT company who have got a really strong niche in patient informatics. We’re seeing companies even at the smaller end like 90 Seconds TV or [0.53] Communications who have carved out a niche for themselves on the world stage in a really successful and one singular thing, which is a really key thing for New Zealand as they try and compete on the world stage.

The media companies seem to have this great growth story about them; they’re growing from small companies and quite quickly becoming medium and large businesses. They’re born global so a lot of them are starting with a really global mind set which is a great thing to see. So instead of seeing yourself growing from New Zealand as a New Zealand company, they see themselves as an international company based in New Zealand; it's a really different mindset.

Some of the characteristics of the emerging companies, those potentially smaller companies today, is this global mindset from day one; so they don’t see themselves as having to start in New Zealand, they think of themselves as being based in New Zealand and internationally focused; that’s one key aspect. Another one is their sort of audacity. They pick a niche, they pick a particular part of the market and they’ll go after it; so, Timely is a great example. Timely decided that they were going to create an online booking management system and then they decided they’d be the best in the world at it and they just focused on a niche, health care and health products, and they’ve got the best in the world and they’re growing internationally. That’s a really key thing is to have a singular focus and to do it extremely well and to think globally from day one.