New website to help investment in New Zealand

Two men shaking hands

21 November 2019

A new website tailored for New Zealand growth companies needing an injection of capital to expand their business internationally has been launched by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

The website also provides detailed information for local and overseas investors who are looking for great businesses in which to invest.  

It is the first time a New Zealand website dedicated to the needs of the investment community has been created.  

The two sides of the investment equation can now meet at  

NZTE’s General Manager, Investment, Dylan Lawrence, said: “Investment is the engine of growth for our economy – it allows businesses to buy the resources they need to improve their productivity, whether that’s new staff, equipment, expanded premises or professional support.  

“We see so many great businesses, solving real problems for their customers, and their ambitions are only restricted by the resources they have to hand. We want to see our committed businesspeople succeed right around the world, and our job is to help them find the capital that will make that possible.”  

Mr Lawrence said the website had examples of New Zealand companies that had tackled the challenges faced by other businesses. “They are inspirational stories, and they prove that New Zealand companies can succeed from the bottom of the South Pacific.”  

A key part of the website is education materials to help businesspeople understand what it takes to prepare their business for investment. “We find the companies that are successful in growing offshore are well prepared, they have the basic disciplines of business right, they’re thinking two to three capital rounds ahead, and they’re realistic about the costs, resources and time required.’’  

The second part of the website is directed at investors, both in New Zealand and overseas.  

“New Zealand is not only open for business as far as investors are concerned, we’re also a great place to do business, with unique opportunities and advantages. 

“NZTE has Investment Managers based around the world who are able to sit down with investors and help them find the right company. We also look for investors who can provide more than just capital, but who bring to the table expertise or connections that will help our businesses grow overseas.  

“The key to our approach is to build long-term partnerships that are not only good for New Zealand but good for the world.”  

In the past four years, NZTE’s Investment team has been involved in facilitating almost $4 billion worth of investment that is forecast to provide more than $8 billion of economic benefit to New Zealand.