Targeting top-end consumers in India

15 October 2015

Did you know that only two percent of weekly food shopping in India is done in a supermarket? That consumers in India love smaller test packs for new products, and that F&B products tailored for special events and holidays are always big sellers?

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise commissioned research to better understand how New Zealand food and beverage (F&B) companies could tailor and market their products to take advantage of India's growing top-end consumer segment.

The report outlines marketing tactics that can be used by companies to target the 26 million wealthy Indians who purchase premium F&B products on a regular basis.

Download the full report, or watch former NZTE Regional Director Clayton Kimpton present the findings in this video:

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Advertising in India: Campaign examples

New Zealand F&B companies must be willing to spend a significant amount of time and money focusing on the Indian top-end consumer and be prepared to commit to marketing strategies that have been specifically tailored to India. 

Here are some examples of New Zealand companies that have successfully marketed their products to the Indian market.


Zespri has focused on reaching the top-end consumer through street vendors and marketing the health benefits of kiwifruit. Zespri has sold more than one million trays of kiwifruit since it entered the Indian market in 2010.

Here are two example of their radio jingles:


Spanish Olive Oil

Spanish Olive Oil Exporters Association launched 'Join the Olive Oil Revolution' in 2015. An ongoing commitment to a strong marketing campaign saw sales increase from 2,500 to 12,000 metric tonnes over three years.

Watch Spanish Olive's Oil TV commercial

California Almonds

California Almonds has positioned its product as a healthy snack and focused on reminding the top end consumer of the traditions of eating almonds. India is now California Almond's fourth largest export market.

Watch California Almond's India TV commercial

Looking for more?

If you're after more information about selling food and beverage in India, talk to your NZTE Customer Manager or contact Maria Gray, NZTE's Market Manager for India, Middle East and Africa.