Transcript: Virtual reality tour of Kiwi farm at the Ploughing

Lauren Bartlett (Regional Marketing and Communications Manager, NZTE Europe): Hi there, I’m Lauren Bartlett here at the New Zealand pavilion and what we’re doing today is taking farmers on a virtual reality tour to New Zealand so we’re popping them in a headset and they are travelling all the way down to New Zealand and seeing some of our farming technology and action.

We can look down as well.

Donal: I’m flying alone… flying alone in a - are you taking over?

Alice: Yeah.

Donal: Are you there Alice, you're still here? 

Alice: I’m still here, you’re in New Zealand. 

Donal: You're still there, you haven’t gone into space or anything? What part of the world is this? 

Lauren Bartlett: New Zealand.

Donal: Ah? New Zealand? Oh is that what it is? New Zealand, oh, I see it now?

Journalist: So we’re here with Donal McCrohan from County Clare, who’s just done the New Zealand interactive 3Dfarm tour. How did you find it Donal?

Donal: Lovely, lovely, an experience of a life time.

Journalist: Yeah?

Donal: You'd imagine you were there. And moving around, on the quad bikes.

Journalist: And what did you see?

Donal: The cows, and the milking children.

Journalist: And did it feel real?

Donal: It felt real.

Journalist: Did it?

Donal: It did. You'd imagine you are right there.

Journalist: Brilliant.