Transcript: Pitch on a Peak Highlights- Investor Focus

The part of the NZTE’s mandate in the investment or capital space is to help support New Zealand businesses be investor ready and part of that means getting the right capital for investment from the right source of capital at the right time. So this event’s really more about the introductory process, getting certain emerging companies pitch ready, getting them ready to face what is quite a daunting task globally to raise capital.

I invested in a kiwi company called [0.44] thanks to Andy Hamilton of Ice House and as a result of it I had a quit exit of [0.48] within about 18 to 24 months and so here I am now again, because now I’m again hungry and I’m looking because I know that there’s money to be made in New Zealand.

We’re solving a series of dental problems by combining my Nano-silver research expertise with the research and the practical experience from the University of Otago’s Dental School.

We call ‘Milk on a disc’ and it will give farmers information that they need; detailed information to make the decisions that they make every single day.

Its reasons like these that mean the [01.20] are poised to seriously disrupt the $40billion market that antibodies current enjoy.

No other commercial dosimeter has the actual features that we can provide.

We’re currently raising $175,000 in investment to match with $75,000 in grants to fund the next 18 months of market development.

I think the New Zealand tax scene is something that needs to be paid attention to. What’s impressed me now on three visits down here is how much can be done when you really have very little in the way of resources. When it comes down to cleverness and innovation and execution I think New Zealand is really on top of the game and I’ve seen it; I’ve seen it visibly now in a couple of visits and I think they’re right on the cusp of success with commercialisation in a real ramp and scale kind of a way.

Biolumic has developed a world first technology that makes lights a controllable input for outdoor growing.

So we built our software to actually have self-healing data fees.

Early childhood education for every single child under the age of five in America; that’s a massive opportunity for [2.29]

[2.30] has done a deal with one of the world’s largest artificial insemination companies. We’re very excited by that; it validates our technology.

We also have a packed pipeline of international prospects that we know can use hail.

So we are the number one event in Australasia right now considered in the top ten in the world.

This product meets what the All Blacks need and that’s exactly what they’re using in the World Cup.

We know people are using and reaching out via social media and not using traditional channels.

My menu mate has 3,500 customers across 20 countries.

Our software and initiatives create three times revenue per person for organisations that deliver to this.

The Pitch on a Peak event has been absolutely stunning. It all starts with deal flow. Fantastic companies very professionally presented. That’s the fuel that excites investors and that was really powerful fuel and we had a room of investors very experienced from all over the world that really could assess those deals and I think there’s going to be tremendous interest off the back of this event.

I was really pleased to be part of the Pitch on a Peak tonight. The quality was higher than mostly I experienced in pitches around the world. I have to say if this was the bar that got set for competitions everywhere it would benefit entrepreneurs and innovators as well as investors.

What I’m going to be telling my network about what’s happening here in New Zealand is that there is a lot of innovation and there is probably what I would consider to be the best kept secret in New Zealand. So what we need to do is figure out a better way to be able to syndicate deals. But one of the things that’s really a problem is that there’s a perception, whether it's good bad or indifferent, in the US that it's difficult because of tax reasons, legal reasons, to syndicate across borders so we need to get that myth out of the way and figure out how we can work together.

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