E-commerce opportunities in Europe

26 July 2018

The European online retail market is vast, with an estimated value of NZ$1 trillion plus. Of the region’s 500 million consumers, nearly 60 percent shop online.  

These are some of the world’s most experienced e-shoppers: tech-savvy, ecologically aware, vocal and social. They expect a seamless journey and fast, flexible service. 

Case study: Bobux’s digital journey in Europe

Online sales in Europe offered big potential for baby and toddler footwear brand Bobux – along with some new challenges. Bobux CEO Andrew Sharp explains their strategy in key European markets and talks about their ongoing digital journey.



Europe e-commerce guides

To help New Zealand businesses to maximise sales potential in Europe’s e-commerce market, we have commissioned four guides providing an overview of key areas:

Guide 1: Understanding the European market's dynamics

Get an introduction to Europe’s thriving digital marketplace: its e-commerce landscape, competitors, recent trends and B2B opportunities. Learn about the region’s 300-plus online marketplaces, a digital reinvention of the shopping mall.

Download guide 1

Guide 2: The European consumer

Meet Europe’s digitally-driven consumers: their demographics, buying behaviours, expectations, main social groups, influencers and more.

Download guide 2

Guide 3: The e-commerce customer journey

Use your knowledge of the European consumer to design the best online customer experience: a seamless e-shop, compelling brand story, user-friendly purchase journey, and effective B2B e-commerce programme.

Download guide 3

Guide 4: Tools for successful e-commerce

Take your online shop to the next level: compare your performance against established European brands, embed your online shop in your social channel, harness Europeans’ most popular social media platforms, decide when to use external skills or keep it in-house, and more. 

Download guide 4

Want to learn more?

For more info about growing your business in Europe, see our web resources or send us an enquiry.

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