Learn from other tech exporters to Australia

Colleagues in tech company collaborate at computer

28 July 2017

Every tech business is different, and there is no single path to success – but most companies go through similar steps when entering the Australian market. It's useful to learn from those who have done it before, to understand what works, and what doesn’t. 

NZTE has had the privilege of working alongside hundreds of passionate and talented New Zealand tech companies as they enter the Australian market - and has drawn on their business lessons, and best practice from technology companies in Australia and the United States, to create the Australia Tech Playbook.

The Playbook focuses on five pillars of success for Australian market entry: 

  • Product-market fit
  • Market entry costs
  • Sales and marketing
  • People
  • Networking

The guide takes you through proven approaches to each of these five areas, to help you build and execute the right strategy for your tech business – giving you the best chances of successful market entry and growth in Australia.

For more information on choosing the right business structure and seeing up in Australia, check out our Australia Induction Pack as well as other resources and information on our Australia market page at nzte.govt.nz.