Mānuka honey opportunities in the United States

05 September 2018

The United States is a high-value market for New Zealand honey with the potential for growth. 

To help New Zealand honey businesses maximise sales potential in this market, NZTE has provided a comprehensive research report, created to share insights from the research on this market.

The report covers:
  • The bigger picture: New Zealand honey globally 
  • New Zealand honey in the United States 
  • Products, packaging and pricing 
  • Understanding Mānuka honey customers 
  • Looking ahead – key takeaways 
  • Sources and methodology. 
Some of the key findings include: 
  • New Zealand honey exports to the US were worth US$49m in 2017, our second most valuable export market after China.
  • New Zealand ranks 14th in the world for volume of honey exported but second in the world by value.
  • The value of our honey exports almost doubled from 2013-2017.
  • Around 18 percent of US adults are aware of mānuka honey, with Americans valuing it for health properties.

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