Partnering for success in East Asia

09 June 2017

Tony Robinson / Programme Leader NZTE / New Zealand

NZTE has produced a new guide designed to help New Zealand export  businesses work successfully with channel partners in East Asia – including agents, distributors, joint-venture partners and licensors. 

For many New Zealand exporters in East Asia, success relies on in-market partners doing a good job. Get it right, and both sides prosper – get it wrong, and serious problems can result, absorbing time and energy and stalling business growth. 

International Channel Partner Management looks at five core concepts at the heart of successful channel partner relationships:

Active management
The channel partner lifecycle
The transparent relationship
Supporting your channel partner
Performance management

Businesses that apply these concepts and skills are better able to develop and maintain successful relationships – and collaborate with in-market partners to grow their business.

The guide also looks at how to identify potential channel partners, how to troubleshoot and resolve common problems, and how – and when – to move on from a channel partner relationship if needed.

International Channel Partner Management was created for NZTE’s East Asia Food Programme, but includes useful insights for non-food and beverage businesses as well as those targeting other international markets.

View and download the report.