Dr Mark Wade

  • Beachhead Advisor, Europe

Dr Mark Wade is a free thinker with extensive experience in businesses of all sizes. His long and varied career with Shell and as an independent advisor equips him with strong strategic skills and a deep curiosity and passion for helping clients find for themselves the right way forward.  

Based in London, Mark advises companies and institutions worldwide on strategy, future casting and scenario planning, governance, communications, change, culture, and leadership. He is an expert in defining vision / mission / purpose, risk management, multi-stakeholder engagement and embedding sustainability into daily operations.  

Mark brings an extensive knowledge of how businesses, large and small, can work effectively. He believes passionately in the critical importance of a company and all its people knowing its purpose and ensuring its operations, products and services embody this in the way it meets customer needs and expectations. 

Mark is a renowned expert in sustainability and sought after advisor and facilitator of senior executive teams and multi-stakeholder events. His critical thinking and empathetic approach to problem solving and option generation enables him to rapidly build trust and engagement with senior leadership and people at all levels inside and outside of organisations. 

Due to starting his career as a biochemist in agritechnology, Mark values the role of research and development and the critical interface with core business and market intelligence. He has served as head of international recruitment, market communications and external affairs departments as well as sustainability and leadership development functions. 

He is experienced in internal and external communications and brand development. He is a recognised pioneer of sustainability reporting and the embedding of sustainability into strategy, operations, culture and leadership development. 

Until his retirement from Shell, Mark was Shell’s Liaison Delegate to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). He continues to serve as an independent advisor and facilitator of programmes for the WBCSD and the International Council of Mining & Metals. 

He was a founding member of the Academy of Business in Society and long standing advisor and current trustee of the student organisation OIKOS. He continues at the forefront of the debate on global talent development. 

Advisory areas 

Strategy development, scenario planning, governance, risk management, stakeholder engagement, change management, culture, leadership development, and embedding sustainability into daily operations. 

Sector experience 



Mark has lived and worked in the UK and USA and has experience of business in UK, Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia. 


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