Kazuaki Oya

  • Beachhead Advisor, Japan

Kazuaki Oya has a strong pedigree in the ICT sector spanning more than 35 years. His broad expertise includes management of IT systems business and leadership of sales and engineering groups. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of network application and infrastructure systems, network storage, voice, image, and IT security for finance, manufacturing, retail, medical, education, government, and international industries.

For nearly 30 years Kazuaki was employed by Hitachi Ltd, the leading Japanese manufacturer of electrical machinery. He was responsible for the development of the new Hitachi network solution model/business which he established from scratch and has now grown to be a US$450 million dollar service.

Following this success Kazuaki was appointed vice president & GM sales of a new joint venture company founded by Hitachi and NEC in 2004, where he was responsible for the establishment of the sales organisation and business structure.

After leaving Hitachi, Kazuaki spent two years as a representative of NetApp Inc, a US IT company’s Japan operation, where the business grew by nearly 50%.

His following appointment was at Allied Telesis, a manufacturer of LAN-related equipment (switches, hubs, routers). He held the roles of executive director, member of BOD and also acted as managing director of their R&D Centre, located in Christchurch. He successfully grew the APAC business 30% during his time and currently serves as a corporate advisor supporting new business development of IoT and transportation, following formal retirement.

Kazuaki holds a Master's degree in engineering and Ph.D. from the University of Electro Communications in 1979 and 2016 respectively. He also received Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Daegu University in 2015.

Advisory areas

B2B strategy, business development, business strategy, consultancy, go-to-market strategy and execution, IT security consultation, new business and product launches, project management, sales and marketing, and start-ups in Japan.

Sector experience

Cyber security, smart data, electronics, engineering/electrical services, tech services, SaaS.


Kazuaki has specific experience working in Japan.