Nathan Cook

  • Beachhead Advisor, Japan

Nathan brings nearly 20 years of experience in the hotel and tourism sectors to this advisory role, and is keen to share his knowledge with New Zealand companies.

Nathan left New Zealand to work overseas in 2002 and now calls Japan home – he has lived in Japan for 15 years and currently acts as General Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group.

He can draw on his experience managing hotel businesses to advise New Zealand companies about managing a foreign business, and industry trends in the hospitality sector.

Coming from a family background in the Kiwifruit, Horticulture and Dairy industries, Nathan is a passionate foodie who enjoys working with food and beverage businesses. He can share his knowledge about corporate procurement and what makes food and beverage businesses a success in Japan, as well as equipment and software.

As an ex-pat living in Japan, Nathan understands the New Zealand perspective and can provide insights into the Japanese business culture, customer service, and expectations.

Advisory areas

Hotel management, customer service and expectations in Japan, corporate procurement, marketing, and design and construction

Sector experience

Tourism, building and construction, hospitality services, real estate/development


Nathan has specific experience working in New Zealand and Japan.