Sam Cassels

  • Beachhead Advisor, Japan

Sam is a professional creative thinker, designer and problem-solver who brings more than 20 years’ experience in marketing communications to the Beachheads team.

Based in Tokyo, he is chief executive of Superdrive, a data driven marketing consultancy he founded in 2013. Superdrive helps companies strategize and build connected, intuitive, customer experiences by integrating individual touchpoints into a seamless, omnichannel journey.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Sam is keen to help companies succeed in the region he’s lived in for more than two decades. He can draw on his experience working with brands across multiple industries to share insights about how to establish and grow brands in the Asian market.

Sam has in-depth knowledge of the region, and an extensive network, after serving as chief executive of various Publicis Group and Saatchi & Saatchi offices regionally in Singapore and Japan.

Sam is considered a subject matter expert on marketing technologies and business transformation. He is passionate about strategy, technology and Customer Experience. Sam can share his extensive experience in delivering large-scale strategy, user-experience consulting and implementation projects. 

Advisory areas

Marketing, digital, strategy and technology.

Sector experience

Advertising design, business transformation, big-data, fashion/apparel, financial services, FMCG, tech services. 


Sam has experience working in Japan and Singapore.


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