Eugenia Muchnik

  • Beachhead Advisor, Chile

Eugenia Muchnik is a Beachhead advisor in Santiago. The knowledge, experience and contacts she had accumulated throughout her career have focused on development of the Chilean agribusiness sector, constituting an invaluable insight for any NZTE agritech customers that wish to target the Chilean market.

During Eugenia's 40 years in this sector, she was committed to identifying and promoting new opportunities for business development in innovative activities in Chile dealing with the agro-food chain. She also acted as strategic advisor in several of the companies assisted by Fundacion Chile in which she participated as director in their respective boards. 

Advisory areas

Expert on Chilean dairy industry, strategic advice, and technology in the food and forestry chain.

Sector experience

Agritech, Food Processing, Forestry.


Eugenia has specific experience working in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, and Colombia.


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