Jorge Forteza

  • Beachhead Advisor, Argentina

Jorge is a strategy and management specialist, concentrating in corporate strategy, competitiveness and governance.

Jorge is actively engaged in both the private and non‐for‐profit sectors throughout South America, where he conducts leadership and advisory activities around his core competencies of strategic management, leadership development, and institutional strengthening. Jorge's work has been centralised in the Southern Cone of South America, working in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. 

He is an advisor to leading multinational corporations, large local groups, and public sector organizations in Argentina and other Latin American countries.  He concentrates on the development of corporate governance models and processes, strategic planning processes and top management coaching.

He also served international agencies on a number of projects, covering subjects such as the development of a competitive vision for South America and its implications for infrastructure investments and the development of a competitive strategy for Uruguay, including joint work with the Uruguayan government.

Previously, he was a partner and senior vice-president with Booz Allen Hamilton, based in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Paris. He was with the firm for over 22 years and served in both its European and Latin American operations.

He is a professor in strategy and competitiveness at Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, where he serves on its board and leads the development of its Center of Competitiveness Studies, as a member of a worldwide network of universities led by the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University. His research focuses on the internationalization of medium-sized local companies and on the development of successful regional clusters and local institutions.

Jorge holds a Master of Science degree in management from the Sloan School of Management, MIT, as well as a Master's degree from the Norwegian Management Academy of Oslo. He graduated from The University of Buenos Aires with a Master in political economy (Hons). 

Advisory areas

Corporate and business unit strategies, internalization strategy and implementation, organization models, and governance.

Sector experience

Agritech, FMCG, tech services, metal manufacturing, plastic manufacturing.


Jorge has specific experience working in South America and Europe.


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