Juan Manuel Gonzalez

  • Beachhead Advisor, Chile

Juan is a Beachheads advisor in in Chile. He has 22 years' experience leading top executive positions in large Chilean companies, and has strong technical knowledge of accounting, finance, trade and logistics aspects.

Juan has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Chile (First Class Honours), an MBA (2003-2005) at Tulane University (USA) (Honours), and a Master of management studies (First Class Honours) at Waikato University (2008). 

Juan spent three years in Hamilton, New Zealand, where he was able to gain an understanding Kiwi culture and New Zealanders' attitudes towards work and business.

With his background and experience, Juan is able to provide insights from high level, tactical and operational perspectives, and is used to working across different cultures. 

Advisory Areas

Strategy to deal with distributors, trade, finance and accounting, logistics aspects, and working across different cultures.

Sector Experience

Agritech, Construction, Education, Food Processing, Forestry, Health.


Juan has specific experience working across Chile, Peru, and Venezuela.


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