Kevin Smith

  • Beachhead Advisor, Brazil

Kevin Smith is the CEO of Guarany Industries, and president of MOTEC Ltda.

Kevin Smith is a Beachheads advisor in Brazil. He is CEO of Guarany Industries, a 90-year-old Brazilian agricultural machinery manufacturer which exports to more than 60 countries.

He also serves on the boards of Tru-Test Brazil and the Bauen Corporation, a Canadian-based development company. He is president of MOTEC Ltda, a consulting firm specialised in turnarounds and corporate start-ups. Kevin also serves as director of Smith Galeria, a São Paulo contemporary art gallery. 

Prior to joining Guarany Industries, he set up Johnson Electric of Brazil and for many years was managing director for the South American operations of this group (the world’s largest manufacturers of electric motors) with factories in Brazil and Argentina.

Before moving from New Zealand to Brazil in 1985, Kevin was chairman and managing director of Growth Marketing Ltd, which was the market leader in liquid fertilisers in New Zealand and manufacturer of the first generation horticultural computers.

Kevin has dual New Zealand and Brazilian citizenship and his experience over many years in South America covers diverse industries in manufacturing, marketing and distribution with hands-on knowledge of greenfield start-ups and finding practical solutions to the challenges of running profitable businesses in the region.

Advisory areas

Market entry, start-ups, merger and acquisitions, go-to-market strategies, governance, business transformation, leadership selection and, supply chain and logistics.

Sectors experience

Agritech, Health, Marine, Industrial Equipment.


Kevin has specific experience working in Brazil.


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