Magali Silva

  • Beachhead Advisor, Peru

Magali Silva is an experienced economist at the Central Reserve Bank of Peru and a former Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Her areas of specialty include Peru’s production sector and international business, as well as a range of macro and microeconomic issues concerning Peru´s development.

Having worked for the Central Reserve Bank of Peru since 1982, her duties ranged from analysing Peru’s production sector including its agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing, and construction industries to closely studying trends in the service sector. As a result, she has witnessed first-hand the transformation, growth and internationalisation of Peruvian companies.

This specific technical expertise allows her to offer targeted support to different companies, including internal knowledge and development strategies. She is skilled at rapidly helping clients identify commercial opportunities that will lead to concrete action through the prioritisation of initiatives, and the execution of plans.

As an experienced central banker in different positions, including Head of the Economic Indicators Division and Deputy Manager of the Macroeconomic Statistics Department of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, she was in charge of evaluating the Peruvian business environment, including domestic as international conditions.

From July 2013 and July 2016, Magali served her country as the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, negotiating and signing two of the most important mega-regional free trade agreements of Peru: the TPP, known today as the CPTPP or TPP11, and the Pacific Alliance. She also launched the second National Strategic Export Program to 2025, which seeks to diversify products and markets, facilitate trade and build a culture of exports.

Magali is currently part of the team in charge of Central Reserve Bank of Peru’s Digital Transformation Process, which carries the goal of keeping up with Peru’s rapid expanding economy and increasing sophistication of its financial services sector. 

Magali is a Professor of International Business at ESAN University, a national and international speaker on trade and tourism, and a regular columnist on different trending topics in El Comercio, a notable Peruvian newspaper.

She also works with women, young leaders and small business owners in her spare time to empower them to achieve successful and sustainable business practices through constant learning, education, investments in technology and access to international markets.  

Advisory areas

Strategic advisory services & research on different topics, which include Peruvian market entry, business strategy, foreign direct investment, free-trade agreements, clusters, industrial parks, export promotion, branding, banking, entrepreneurial development, start- ups and innovation, tourism, and communication.

Sector experience

General economy and business opportunities, agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing, construction, commerce, tourism and handcrafts, and financial services.


Magali has studied and worked in the US, Thailand and Germany and has specific experience working in Peru and other Latin American countries.


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