Dr Mohammed Alyemeni

  • Beachhead Advisor, Middle East

Dr Mohammed Alyemeni has more than 20 years’ experience in government, academia and healthcare.

As Deputy Minister for Planning and Health Economics, he has driven transformation to increase impact and improve outcomes, including leading the transformation of IT at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health.

Dr Alyemeni’s career highlights include:

  • an award-winning transformation of IT at the Ministry of Health (awarded by the United Nations and GCC)
  • introducing project management to IT at the MoH, and scaling it up to the whole MoH by deploying a Strategy ImplementationOffice (SIO)
  • leading the design of the MoH’s investment company, which is responsible for establishing joint ventures and greenfield organisations that promote new innovations and technologies (eg plasma fractionation, medical equipment manufacturing)
  • leading the negotiations of multi-million dollar contracts between the MoH and leading global organisations (eg HP, IBM, Microsoft, Cerner, GE, Deloitte, Booz), and driving significant savings and ensuring partners’ long-term commitment

Advisory areas

Government planning and healthcare strategies, government policy and relations, and strategy and market entry for KSA.

Sector experience

Health, biotech, tech services, organic/functional foods/nutraceuticals, government/defence.


Dr Alyemeni has specific work experience across the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the wider Gulf area.

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