Louie Li

  • Beachhead Advisor, New Zealand

Louie is Managing director and co-founder of CGH (Ctom Group Holding Ltd), one of New Zealand's fastest growing companies. CGH manufactures a range of superior health supplements and skincare products, selling directly to consumers mainly in Asia through multiple e-commerce platforms such as T-mall, JD and Amazon.

With an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland and a decade of director-level experience in China trade (both online and offline), Louie brings the required skills to actively guide businesses who are looking to expand their ecommerce presence in China. He firmly believes that the online sale business model in China is becoming the major business model. Louie has a passion for actively streamlining every level of a business to ensure that ecommerce output is automated, secure and profitable.

Louie has a natural energy and collaborative approach towards management that encourages a focused pursuit towards key objectives, while allowing a degree of flexibility to cater for individual strengths and capabilities.

Advisory areas

Ecommerce, innovation, marketing.

Sector experience

Health supplement and skincare manufacturing, ecommerce.


Experience working in New Zealand, China, and Korea.