Trent Bigelow

  • Beachheads Advisor, North America

  • Consumer Tech

  • North America

Trent is a UX researcher-turned-growth marketeer with the rare ability to distill issues down to the “a-ha”—the small discovery hiding in plain sight that makes products wildly sticky. He co-founded Track, an American startup building the safety net for the self-employed, beginning with automatic tax withholding. Previously, Trent led business development at Chiral Software, serving the US defense and intelligence communities.

Prior to founding Track, he led business development at Chiral Software, a cybersecurity firm that developed the US Department of Defense’s very first Android apps. For years he was a UX researcher and strategist serving startup clients across mobile apps and cleantech. Trent has experience in multiple startups since starting out in HP’s venture unit in 2003, and was a 2017 Summer Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Venrock.. Aside from advising and building startups, he has an appreciation for industrial design, advocates for America’s independent workers, and—thanks to increased exposure to Kiwis—wants to learn how to sail.



Advisory Areas: 

  • Silicon Valley
  • Strategy
  • SaaS
  • Software
  • Enterprise Tech
  • Consumer Tech
  • Startup
  • Corporate Investment
  • VC Pitching
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Branding
  • Fintech 
  • Customer Acquisition
  • UX
  • Positioning
  • Mobile Cybersecurity
  • Cleantech
  • Strategy
  • 500 Startups


Sector Experience:

  • Advertising Platforms 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Financial Services 
  • Smart Data 
  • SaaS 
  • Tech Services


  • San Francisco 
  • USA