Dr Roy Sparringa

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Dr Roy is an award-winning expert in the complex field of food regulation in Indonesia, and brings extensive experience in the food sector to the Beachheads team.

Based in Indonesia, he was the Honorary Recipient of the New Zealand Government’s 40th New Zealand-ASEAN Anniversary Awards in 2015.

His links to NZ Dr Roy can draw on his depth of experience to advise New Zealand companies about how best to navigate the food sector in Indonesia and the region.

He has extensive knowledge about food processing, regulation and risk assessment and mitigation, and biosecurity. This extends to drug and biotherapeutic products, and Dr Roy can also draw on his knowledge in chemical and microbiological risk assessment.

He holds a range of leadership and strategic positions in the food and drug regulation and control sectors, at a national level.

Dr Roy has received a number of awards for his work in the food regulation sector. 

Advisory areas

Food regulation, risk assessment & mitigation, bio-security, drug & bio-therapeutic products, chemical & microbiological risk, assessment, healthy food market, F&B processing. 

Sector experience

Food Processing, Fruit & Vegetables, Meat (Red Meat and Poultry), Natural Products.


Dr Roy has specific experience working in Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries.

Roy Sparringa