Eunyoung Kim

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Eunyoung brings 17 years’ experience in marketing & research to the Beachheads team and is able to offer her practical insights into building a brand in South Korea.

An expert in marketing, she can help New Zealand companies position their brand for the markets they are targeting. Eunyoung knows what it takes to successfully implement a marketing strategy.

Based in Seoul, she is chief executive of The Idea Group – a consultancy she founded that helps companies harness growth opportunities based on in-depth research into consumer trends and behaviour.

Her experience spans the spectrum of business, from working with big-name brands including Hyundai, Samsung, CJ and Amore Pacific, to start-ups at the beginning of their journey.

Eunyoung is a business partner in several start-ups in a variety of sectors including cosmetics, mobile application, smart fashion and social innovation.

Many New Zealand businesses exporting to South Korea are new brands to the market, and Eunyoung can draw on her experience, contacts and knowledge to help these companies tell their story.

She is a respected expert in marketing, having been a professor at two universities and a mentor and judge at the Daegu Centre for Creative Economy & Innovation.

Advisory Areas

Market intelligence, consumer research and analytics, new concept development, business innovation/development, strategic and operational planning, new brand build-up/positioning, social/public service innovation, experience research and design, future on-off line retail/Sales, digital Marketing

Sector Expertise

Business services, data/analytics, FMCG, home appliance and mobile, communication and advertising, social impact.


South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Viet Nam, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. 

Eunyoung Kim