Jay Kim

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Jay (Jaehong) is a global advertising and marketing expert who knows what it takes to build a powerful brand.

Based in Seoul, he brings more than 25 years’ experience in the region’s top advertising agencies to the Beachheads team.

Jay is able to draw on his experience working with brands in a range of industries, spanning Samsung, Lexus, Cheetos and Asahi beer, to help New Zealand companies develop their brands.

After working at Korea’s top advertising agency, Cheil, as an account executive for 20 years, he joined Dentsu Korea, a branch of Japan’s top advertising and marketing agency as the head of operation.

Jay recently joined Seoul’s Kyunghee University as a professor in charge of building up the university’s brand. 

He has a particular interest in new business development, and helping New Zealand companies succeed in the South Korean market and wider region.

Jay is able to advise companies on brand development and execution, brand strategy, and new business development.

Advisory areas

Advertising, marketing

Sector experience

Advertising, brand building and new business development


Jay has specific experience working within Korea