Jennifer Buckley

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience in private equity to this advisory role. Much of Jennifer’s career was with GE Capital, where she held leadership roles focused on growing mid-sized businesses across Europe and Asia.

Her expertise as an investment leader and solving business challenges can help New Zealand companies maximise opportunities in East Asia and develop a strategy for success. Jennifer’s expertise is wide-ranging, spanning strategic and operational planning, financial and risk management, leadership and organisation design, salesforce effectiveness and M&A execution and integration.

Based in Singapore, Jennifer can advise companies on the dynamics of exporting to different East Asian markets, help recognise opportunities and develop new market strategies. During her 14-year tenure at GE Capital, she managed 36 investments across 17 countries over a diverse range of industries – healthcare, financial services, business services, communications & technology and oil & gas.

Jennifer is an experienced board director, having worked closely with the leadership teams on many of GE Capital’s investments. She helped oversee their day-to-day business challenges, particularly on driving growth through new products and services, and new market strategies.

It’s been more than two decades since Jennifer left Auckland to start her career at Goldman Sachs International’s London office, and she is keen to share her knowledge with New Zealand companies that are expanding internationally.

Jennifer now leads the investment management group SEAF’s Asian operations, where her focus is on supporting South East Asian women’s economic empowerment.

Advisory Areas

Private equity/investment management, strategic & operational planning, business development, new market entry, M&A/integration, financial & risk management, leadership & organisational design and social impact design/measurement.

Sector Expertise

Healthcare, Financial Services, Business Services, Communication & Technology, Oil & Gas/Energy Efficiency


Jennifer has experience working in Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia as well as in the United Kingdom and across EMEA.


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Jennifer Buckley