Jose Mari Mercado

  • Beachheads Advisor, South East Asia

Business consultant Jomari Mercado is a respected expert in IT and Business Process Management in the Philippines, where he has helped lead the industry’s growth.

Based in Manila, his interest in New Zealand began in 2013 when he visited for trade missions to find areas the two countries could work together – since then he’s been a champion for both countries.

At the time, he was promoting the Philippines and its potential, and Jomari is keen to share his insights with New Zealand companies looking to expand or outsource talent in the Philippines.

In this advisory role, Jomari can draw on more than 30 years 

of experience in sales, marketing and consulting for industries spanning finance, insurance and telecommunications both in the Philippines and wider region.

His particular interest is in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), where he sees good opportunities for New Zealand companies to expand.

Jomari is a pioneer of the Philippines’ BPO industry, and handled business development for Convergys Philippines, helping the company grow to 32,000 employees in nine years.

His experience ranges from private to public, in roles such as Microsoft Philippines where he was the National Technology Officer, to his time as President and CEO of Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). 

Advisory areas

Jomari’s specialty areas are business process outsourcing, talent development, technology vision, enterprise and cloud computing, and data analytics.

Sector experience

Business process outsourcing (customer care, technical support, software development), tech services, smart data, finance, insurance and telecommunications.


Jomari has specific experience working within the Philippines and Singapore, and has managed teams across the South East Asian region.