Sanusi Satar

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Sanusi Satar has more than 30 years experienced in energy sector, particularly in the oil & gas and geothermal. From 1980 to 2003, Pak Sanusi worked for Conoco Indonesia Inc in various positions engineering positions. In Conoco Indonesia, Pak Sanusi spent most of time, working in the project such as Oil & Gas Platform Facilities, FPSO Project and field operations for Oil & Gas Facilities. He was assigned as the manager of SHE Affair (Safety, Health and environmental) which was a very challenging assignment as for the oil & gas industry. 

During his tenure in SHE department, he was selected as the first winner for the Environmental Stewardship by Conoco Management among the Conoco operations around the globe back in 1998. 

When the Natuna Gas Pipeline project (a gas pipeline from Natuna sea to Singapore) was implemented back in 1999, Pak Sanusi was assigned as the government relations manager, where in this position he successfully managed to establish strong relationships with the government and other stake holders

When Star Energy was established in 2003, Pak Sanusi was approached to join Star Energy as the VP. In 2006, he was moved to the position of VP of external relations and HSE, where during his tenure in this position, he successfully obtained the highest award in the environmental stewardship from the government through the Department of Environmental, called “GOLD PROPER” which made Star Energy as the first ever industry in Indonesia to received such award for the best in environmental stewardship and its CSR.

Pak Sanusi formally retired from Star Energy Management in October 2008; however he speaks regularly at conferences and forums on energy matters, particularly within the geo-thermal energy space. Pak Sanusi also continues to represent Star Energy in external activities, such as meeting with the government, attending forum, seminar whether as participant or speakers both domestic and international and both in the oil & gas sector and also in the geothermal / new and renewable energy sector.

He has been serving as board of INAGA since 2004 and focusing with some matters related to the capacity building, governments regulations, and invited speakers in the geothermal seminars, workshop or forum both domestic and abroad.

Advisory areas

Capacity building, governments regulations, and geo-thermal energy.

Sector experience

Energy/Utilities, Government/Defence.


He has specific experience working within Indonesia and wider South East Asia.


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