Sarakit Chutikul

  • Beachhead Advisor, South East Asia

Sarakit has extensive experience and contacts in the food service, food retail, food manufacturing and agricultural sectors in Thailand.

He has assisted companies wishing to do business in Thai and regional markets for more than 30 years. Sarakit has presented at export and investment seminars across Thailand and Australia with both the Australian and Thai governments.

For a number of years Sarakit was responsible for the food and agribusiness sectors, across the greater Mekong region, and a member of the ASEAN and Global food and agribusiness teams for Australia.

Prior to joining Austrade, he managed a team of merchandise managers, quality assurance managers and quality control supervisors for two years with an international buying office as the divisional manager for quality, for both hard lines and soft lines i.e. textiles, garments, furniture, cookware, home-wares, exercise equipment, and toys.
Sarakit has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the US.

Sarakit completed his formal training as a computer engineer with additional certifications among them including TQM, Kaisen, human resource management, business administration, relationship marketing and management, and has extensive industry experience in the food and agricultural sectors.

With diverse background, and common thread in service and marketing over broad and varied sectors, Sarakit can strongly identify and assist with the issues confronting exporters and investors wishing to enter the Thai market.

Advisory areas

Sarakit’s specialty areas are coaching, consulting and business matching.

Sector experience

The industry or sector areas within which Sarakit is most experienced are food and beverage, agri-business, consumer products, professional training, and building and construction.


Sarakit has specific experience in Thailand and Australia.

Sarakit Chatikul