Dale Stephens

Dale Stephens is NZTE's Director, Māori Customers. Before taking up his current role, he was a Customer Manager specialising in Māori business. Dale shares how he worked with Māori businesses as a Customer Manager to help the Māori economy, and New Zealand, grow.   

Listen to Dale Stephens talk about NZTE culture and work style.

Transcript: Dale Stephens 

Kia ora koutou. My name is Dale Stephens. I’m a customer manager here at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. I focus specifically on Māori customers and I cover Wellington south to Invercargill.


So for me as a public sector employee who has then gone into the private sector and back and forward a couple of times, to come into NZTE was like entering a public sector organisation I hadn’t dealt with before, because it's a flat structure, people are empowered, they are truly empowered lead by a visionary senior leadership team. The team spirit is challenging because they always want you outside your comfort zone; so you’re always doing cool things.


We have lots of social activities to get us involved with each other, to work with other cultures, not only in New Zealand but around the world, to work in different time zones, to work in different languages even.


I’m really fortunate in the area that I work in that I’m working with Māori businesses, a lot of whom are in this for the first time or using their post Treaty settlement money, and to see them being able to be successful, not just for their business activity but because they can pass that back to their iwi which is for the betterment of a whole community; that’s a real buzz.


We have a Māori business unit that’s growing. We’re adding stuff to it at the moment, but not only that we’re bringing Māori people into other areas of the organisation; in the capital team for example. Now I think that’s a great opportunity for us to have a Māori team within the wider NZTE and we also have our specifically designated Māori business development unit. So for the Māori economy running alongside what we’re trying to do for the, the wider economy they’re very much able to work together to help each other. And so for Māori it's a great journey and for New Zealand everybody wins.

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