Joanna Guelland

Joanna Guelland shares insights into her previous role as NZTE's Business Development Manager for the Northern European markets, and what made the job so interesting. She has since returned home from Hamburg and is now a core member of NZTE's Customer team based in Wellington.

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Transcript: Joanne Guellard 

Hi my name’s Joanne Guelland. I’m a kiwi and I grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve been working at NZTE since 2005 and in my current role I’m a Business Development Manager looking after the Northern European markets and primarily focusing on the creative companies and specialised manufacturing companies who are interested in those markets.


One of the really exciting things about the BDM’s job is it's so varied and with all the planning in the world you really don’t know what’s going to come up next. So some weeks I might spend all of my time researching, looking at competitor websites, looking for potential partners, contacting potential partners or preparing a market research report, market analysis for a company. Other times, because we’re a consulate here, I might be involved in organising a consular event, like for example Waitangi Day celebrations earlier this year.


We’re doing some really exciting work with merino companies at, at the moment and that all started prior to a rather large children’s fair last year and we thought, ‘Well hey, we’ve got a little cluster of companies who are working in this sphere, we know that here in Germany there’s an under appreciation and a lack of awareness across the board of the benefits of this textile; why don’t we do something about it?’ We had, about seven or eight mummy bloggers who gave really positive reviews of garments from merino kids, items from Babu, a foundation company, and some of the test garments from designer textiles; and we have media releases published in German as well in the trade publications and in consumer media and these are the outcomes, exactly the outcomes, that we wanted to have from this piece of work; so we’re really proud of that.


We have a really powerful mission and I really love the “We work for a cause, not an institution.” This is what I want to be doing and, and I love doing this; I really love working for NZTE and helping these companies.

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