Megan Hurnard

Megan Hurnard is the Knowledge Challenge Lead. Over the past 12 years in the organisation, Megan has experienced different roles across multiple departments as her career has evolved, and has enjoyed the dynamic nature of the organisation.  


Listen to Megan Hurnard talk about NZTE culture and work style.

Transcript: Megan Hurnard 

My name is Megan Hurnard. I’m the Director of Performance at NZTE which sits within the strategy group.


I’ve been at NZTE 11 years, and this is my sixth role at NZTE, and as part of that time I’ve been across, almost every group within the organisation. Started off in the services team, moved to the internal partner’s team, spent some time in the international team and now ended up in the strategy group. So for me it's been a real opportunity to be able to move around the organisation and see it from different perspectives.


I think the culture at NZTE is quite dynamic, people are extremely friendly and engaged and it's one of the things that I really love about working here. Everyone is friendly, but it's friendly in a way that’s very engaging; it's not just being nice, it's actually intellectually engaging as well. So you’re often challenged on a day to day basis, but in a really positive way.


We don’t just stand still; we actually are constantly looking at improving what we do and as a result, particularly in my area we get quite a lot of requests, whether it's government agencies in New Zealand or other trade promotion agencies offshore to look at what we’re doing because we’re seen as quite innovative and forward thinking in our approaches.


I definitely feel part of a global organisation. We have used video conferencing and Lynk on a regular basis so that you can really see and talk to the people in offices all across the world, and that’s again one of the fantastic things about the organisation that it is such a multi-cultural place to work. We have teams all over the world. So every day you’re doing something new, something different, and that interaction with other people across the organisation is definitely something that I love.

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    We occasionally have internships available – when we do, they are published on our careers site.
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    Sorry, NZTE doesn’t sponsor visas – advertised roles include information to let you know which visas are required.
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