Nadia Alcantara

Nadia Alcantara is a Business Development Manager in Sao Paulo, Brazil in Agribusiness. Listen to Nadia explain her day-to-day work, what her current objectives are and what she loves about working for NZTE. 

Listen to Nadia Alcantara talk about NZTE culture and work style.

Transcript: Nadia Alcantara 

My name is Nadia Alcantara. I joined NZTE in September last year as a Business Development Manager for Agri-business. I’m a graduated veterinary. I worked in farms for almost seven years and after that I took a Master’s Degree in the Business School.  I started to work with a consultancy, and then I came to work with NZTE.


The aim of work in NZTE is to help New Zealand Agritech companies to bring their products and services to the Brazilian market.


Brazil and New Zealand are both huge commodity exporters, but they also have huge differences; which gives me huge challenges to deal with.


My main currently objective is to structure an Agribusiness plan for the High Impact Program. For that I spend almost 60 percent of my time scoping subjects that could serve to build a plan for collaborative approach among companies. This collaborative approach could lead them to enter the market or to increase their current market share. The other 40 percent of my time I use to attend individual customer’s requests to attend meetings, calls and trainings that NZTE offers to us.


Usually during the week we have many calls with New Zealand. We discuss the discovery of our customer, so we try to understand our customer’s needs.


Due to the nature of my job, usually I also travel a lot. So at least once a week I go away from Sao Paolo and travel within Brazil but also abroad; as well as sometimes I go to trips according to the interest of our customers. So I go to meet potential partners to know what are the products in market, what are the competitors; and so with that I can add some value to their business development.


I like a lot working in NZTE and what amazes me most is that the NZTE is a very learning company. So every time I have the impression that I’m seeing what is written in the book live. So it's amazing to work here. 

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