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Campaign keeps NZ F&B in the hearts and minds of global consumers

A global campaign designed to grow awareness, preference and demand for New Zealand Food and Beverage products in the key export markets of Australia, China, Japan, the USA and the UK has launched today.

19 Oct 20205 min

The campaign, titled 'Made with Care', is being led by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and is part of a wider 'Messages from New Zealand' country brand campaign, which sees Tourism New Zealand (TNZ), NZTE, Ministry for Primary Industries, Education New Zealand and New Zealand Story join forces to promote New Zealand's brand on the world stage.

New Zealand's food and beverage industry is a key player in our economy, accounting for close to 46% of all goods and services exports in the past year. In 2018/2019, the industry had a combined revenue of $71.7 billion, with exports reaching more than 140 countries. The top three exports markets in 2018 were China ($6.14 billion), Australia ($2.56 billion) and the United States ($2.53 billion).*

NZTE's Chief Executive, Pete Chrisp, says the campaign has been backed by significant investment and driven by consumer insights.

"There's never been a better time to leverage the positive global sentiment being felt towards New Zealand and to raise the international profile of the New Zealand brand in key markets, in a time when we can't visit our key markets, and they can't visit us.

"We know from research conducted by New Zealand Story earlier this year that, while the priority order of consumers needs has changed in the current climate, the needs themselves remain fundamentally the same.

"Consumers are looking for safe, nutritious, premium quality, ethical and tasty food and beverages. New Zealand, as a net exporter of food for more than 40 million people, is perfectly placed to meet these needs. The way the industry applies ingenuity and science is an additional driver of preference for our products in our key export markets."

Underpinning the Made with Care sentiment, and what distinguishes New Zealand food and beverage products from others, is the principle of Taiao – the interconnectedness of our people and the natural world. The values of Kaitiakitanga (guardians, caring for people, place and planet, now and for future generations), Manaakitanga (caring for others and showing hospitality, kindness, generosity, support and respect) and Ingenuity (challenging the status quo with original and bold solutions) are also woven throughout the campaign messaging.

Businesses who are already exporting, or have ambitions to export, can explore the ready-to-use campaign toolkit. It features free images, social media content, video footage, infographics, sector copy and a user guide to help businesses engage with and leverage the campaign. The campaign's hero video, featuring individuals from New Zealand's food and beverage industry, highlights the care shown by our people and shows what is unique about the way we create and provide food and beverage products for our global consumers.

The campaign will be activated internationally through digital and social channels, influencer marketing, PR, and localised in-market activations, leveraging NZTE's global network. Over the next 6 - 8 months there will also be a number of specific marketing, promotion and retail initiatives in key priority markets that businesses can participate in to directly drive sales.

As part of the campaign outreach, NZTE will target audiences already engaged with TNZ's Messages from New Zealand campaign, which has already been viewed globally over 40 million times in key markets like the US, UK, Japan, China and Australia. This gives exporters the benefit of reaching a previously primed audience.

TNZ Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall says Made with Care builds upon the value-based approach that Messages from New Zealand laid the foundation for.

"Working together to deliver an aligned brand builds a greater presence on the world stage. Being able to connect global audiences to New Zealand's values and identity, which can be experienced through our food and beverage exports, will have immediate economic benefit and positively influence New Zealand as a destination when we are able to welcome visitors back again."

Industry associations were closely involved in the preparation of the campaign, and have welcomed the investment (see quotes below).


* Source: The Investor's Guide to the New Zealand Food and Beverage Industry 2020, MBIE.

Notes for journalists

The Made with Care video plus all other campaign resources are available via the toolkit on the NZ Story website or access directly via YouTube.

Messages from New Zealand was launched by TNZ in July 2020 and features a series of video messages (promoted via paid social channels) from notable and every day New Zealanders, sharing what it is they love most about our country. To date the videos have received a combined view count of over 40 million.

These initiatives are designed to build on the current positive sentiment felt toward New Zealand and raise the international profile of the New Zealand brand in key markets.

Industry quotes

(Media are welcome to use these quotes in any story)

Seafood New Zealand

"New Zealand's seafood industry is justifiably proud of its product and right behind the Made with Care campaign. Our seafood is sourced from cold, clear waters and fished and farmed in one of the most sustainable management systems in the world. We will be encouraging our exporters to use this valuable toolkit." Jeremy Helson, Chief Executive of Seafood New Zealand.

Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ)

"New Zealand is uniquely blessed when it comes to making milk, with soil, rainfall, and a climate that enables our cows to graze pasture year-round and produce milk with a low carbon footprint. Our food safety systems are world-leading and we have a remoteness that has given us the advantage of freedom from many pests and disease. We have a culture of caring, innovating, and always striving to do better – for our customers, our cows, our environment and communities. DCANZ is pleased to be joining with NZTE and others to share New Zealand's food and beverage story with a global audience." Kimberly Crewther, Executive Director at DCANZ.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Global Manager – New Zealand Red Meat Story, Michael Wan says changing consumer buying habits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities for New Zealand to make its presence felt.

"With active marketing programmes in the United States and China, the Made With Care campaign provides additional benefit for our industry to both collaboratively support our food and beverage country of origin and build on the relevance of the grass-fed beef and lamb story through the 'Taste Pure Nature' brand in both markets."

New Zealand Winegrowers

"We are really excited to assist our members to be a part of this campaign, to help amplify our premium New Zealand wine story and extend its reach internationally. The Made with Care theme resonates and complements so well with our industry's core focus on sustainability, and how we value our people and look after our land for future generations. Our world-leading sustainability accreditation programme has been in place for over 20 years and is envied by other wine producing nations around the world." Charlotte Read, GM Marketing, New Zealand Winegrowers.

NZ Avocado

"We grow, pack and ship New Zealand avocados with care, and strongly endorse the messages in this campaign. We are proud of the amazing New Zealand horticultural products being shared with the world and know our global customers value the care we all put into those products." Jen Scoular, CEO NZ Avocado.

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