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Investment Fix is a podcast series from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) exploring different investment types and helping New Zealand companies understand their funding options for growth.

30 Mar 20211 min read

In season two of NZTE's Investment Fix podcast, New Zealand companies talk about their growth journey and how they secured funding to fuel that growth.

Each episode features two companies sharing their experiences of raising capital and focuses on one of six different types of investment funding: angel investment, online funding platforms, private equity, domestic venture capital, international venture capital, and IPOs on the stock exchange.

Companies featured in season two of the Investment Fix include Xero, Serko, Zeffer, Rua Bioscience, Yabble, Parkable, Laybuy, Calocurb, Beany and chnnl.

The founders and CEOs of these companies are honest about the highs and lows of seeking investment and share valuable insights into how they determined which type of capital was right for them, putting a valuation on their company, what it took to win over investors, and what they would do differently next time.

Investment Fix is hosted by Dylan Lawrence, GM of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise's Investment Team.

Season one of Investment Fix looked at the capital-raising process through the eyes of the investors, with angels, VCs, PEs, online funding platforms, banks and the NZX sharing their advice on what it takes to secure investment.

Getting ready to raise capital?

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