Raise your game and get ready for growth, with InvestEd

27 May 20203 mins

InvestEd's 11 courses feature a wealth of practical information, essential tips and advice compiled by the NZTE Investment Team, from the actual experiences of thousands of New Zealand businesses.

Each InvestEd course tackles a key stage in the capital raising process, with short videos, exercises and instructional content, created to increase your understanding of the many aspects and challenges of successfully raising capital from start to finish.

The courses will introduce:

  • the fundamentals of raising growth capital

  • how to think about your market and competitors

  • building your financial model

  • pitching to investors

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InvestEd courses

01. Raising growth capital
Understand the basics of raising growth capital. Decide if you need growth capital and what to expect during the process.

02. Identify your likely investor
How to identify your most likely investor. Who are they? How do you find the right one? How do you identify your investor options?

03. Know your business model
Having a clear business model is essential. Learn why the ability to scale your business model is important to investors.

04. Financial fundamentals
Investors will want to see your financial documents. In this course we cover the key financials you need to prepare.

05. Know your addressable market
Knowing how big the potential 'size of the prize' is vitally important to investors. This course will help you understand your addressable market.

06. Identifying competitors
Learn the basics of identifying and analysing your competitors.

07. Financial modelling
Being able to forecast your company's financial future is essential. We take you through the steps to develop a financial model.

08. Cashflow Management
Learn why appropriate cash flow management and the understanding of your finances, is essential to the growth of your business.

09. Planning your capital rounds
Planning your capital rounds helps you define what level of investment is required to grow your company and achieve your goals.

10. Telling your story effectively to investors
Learn about the key concept of storytelling and some effective techniques on how to pitch your investment proposition.

11. What investment collateral do you need?
Well-structured investment collateral is the fastest and easiest way to explain your business to investors.

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