Transcript: Alan Munro

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Alan Munro: I’m Alan Munro, New Zealand Trade Commissioner based here in Sydney.

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My top sales tips for doing business in Australia are first of all to be very focused on the market you are targeting; secondly to really know your value proposition, your competitors, where you win and importantly where you lose. Australia is a really big market so it's really important also to really target the segments and sectors that you’re successful with in New Zealand and make sure you can replicate those and find them in Australia. And finally it's really important to look Australian; to have a website that’s shows you’re Australian, to have phone numbers and marketing collateral that are Australian. In summary the opportunity here in Australia for New Zealand companies is huge; it's a big opportunity but you need to look Australian, you need to stay focused and really understand where you’re going in the market.

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When entering the Australian market it's important to consider a channel model versus a direct model and the reason a channel model might work for you is because it reduces the risk, it allows you to leverage your resources and scale quickly in a very big and complex market. When selecting channel partners in Australia there’s really four things you need to focus on; first of all to have the right cultural fit of a channel partner that you know you can work with long term; secondly it's really important you don’t compete with your channel, so you don’t set up competing channels against each other and that you show loyalty and stick to it; the third thing is you need to stick to it for the long term because the channel partners will have to invest with you; and fourthly it's important that you invest in enabling your partners, that’s marketing resources, pricing support and product support. If you can pull all of those things together I think the entering the market here with a channel rather than direct can be very successful.

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