Transcript: Better by Design's Customer Insights to Action testimonials

Adam Marshall (Business Development Manager, Stabicraft): So we’ve teamed up with Better by Design and gone to market in Queensland.

Paul Adams (CEO, Stabicraft): So it’s not about graphic design or anything like that, it’s about, you know understanding your customers’ needs, having empathy, being immersed in their worlds.

Jon Lee (Head of International Market Establishment, LIC Automation): That design thinking, which is to break down what it is that we think we know about our New Zealand farmers and then head out to the market. Trying to understand them from a completely fresh perspective.

Adam MarshalRon was a great design, design researcher, he just has a different way of, I guess, sort of understanding the customer, asking the right questions.

Nicola Weston (Business Analyst, MetService): These are really good questions that help you get inside the customer’s head and find out what it’s like for them, finally for the customer to feel like they’ve been listened to.

Jon LeeI'd sort of developed those techniques a bit and I've just been down in South America I can tell you that within two weeks in Argentina we have, we’ve learnt a great deal about that market through those types of approaches.

Wayne McNee (CEO, LIC): One of the key things about the design process has been to not make too many mistakes too expensively.  So get in, spend the time, understand what you're trying to achieve, and therefore make the investments in the right place.

Janine Chamley (Marketing Manager, Melora): We understand the consumer, we understand the market, we have a clear strategy and then we can go.

Tina Dustdar (Manager Strategic Planning, MetService): But also, you know you have a visual way of solving problems and you can visually capture the solutions you come up with.  So there’s also an element of sharing it quite easily.

Jon LeeNZTE’s team was super engaged with what was going on, on the ground and the amount of, you know how they can connect us was vastly superior to what we had experienced yet.

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