Transcript: Dan Carter on culture, leadership and NZ values in France

Ariane Gonzalez, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to France: Today’s event is about making business connections between visual exporters, French investors, companies going to New Zealand soon on a big delegation visit. We wanted to bring these people together about a common passion of rugby, this is why Danny Carter will be helping us to do that, and a common passion for France and New Zealand.

Daniel Carter, Former All Black: New Zealanders and the French have a lot in common, none more so than our passion for, you know, great food and wine. 
Ariane Gonzalez – New Zealand Trade Commissioner to France: The spirits for innovation and entrepreneurship is something that I think the French and the New Zealanders share. 

James Kember, New Zealand Ambassador to France: New Zealand is like-minded with France on many issues, we’re on the Security Council and we work very closely with France on a lot of international issues.

Daniel Carter, Former All Black: The people here in France, they know you from New Zealand and they treat you like family, it’s amazing. So it’s a very special feeling. 

My time in the All Blacks I learnt a lot, more so than team culture and leadership. We’re extremely sort of grateful and have an amazing you know, humility and that’s the key ingredient to having any kind of success, whether it’s on the sporting field or in business. It’s the saying “go for the get”. When you’re leading, that’s exactly what you need to do, is to adapt and change your game. Successful companies are innovators and are not afraid to disrupt the market. Now, these are All Black values but we like to think they are Kiwi values too. I hope that when you visit New Zealand, that you’ll see these values shining through. And thank you.  

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