New Zealand at Gulfood 2018 - Building our profile in the Middle East

Video transcript

Alistair Cullwick:Gulfood is an important location for Lowe Corporation for several factors, it’s basically the gateway for the Middle East and also it gives us the ability to touch into North Africa. And also, we get a lot of European clients coming down to visit us.   

Simon Penfold:Gulfood is very important for Fonterra, simply because it is the biggest food and beverage show in the world. 

Steve Koekemoer:Every year we’ve actually got success from the Gulfood from contacts that were received either at our stand or contacts referred to us by NZTE. 

Dave Rudd:Coming to Gulfood gives us an opportunity to meet people, potential new business partners and look for opportunities to expand our business. NZTE have given us a lot of guidance, we got involved with a few training sessions before we came here, setting an export strategy, that’s been fantastic help. 

Simon Penfold:The opportunities we’re focusing on really centre around three key trends; health and wellness, affordability and convenience.  

Rania Boucher:People are a lot more health conscious these days, our region suffers from diabetes and obesity and heart problems, so having in the region here, in this country, high quality food and good quality nutrition is really important.  

John Rabbitt:Within a week we can talk to all our customers discussing the business, discussing trends, where the market’s heading, it is an effective way of getting the job done in a short space of time. And I think the Expo will be a combination of all that effort over the years and I think a pitch for the future as well, because this part of the world, it’s growth, it will continue to grow, it’s not going to stop. 

Respondent:There’s some great opportunities leading up to this expo, there’s a lot of new hotels being built in this part of the world, so food service is going to be paramount and we see this as a key opportunity for us to actually develop our business further going towards 2020.