Transcript: Insights into South East Asia- a big opportunity in smart cities

I’d really like to see more New Zealand companies actually thinking about how they repackage themselves as a smart city contributor because of the skills we have in New Zealand. One of the areas and people don’t necessarily think about this but I would like them to, to make the connection, is an agri-tech. Right now the trend is to really understand how urban and rural agriculture intersects so that we can actually feed mega-cities. Mega cities are anything beyond 10million and as soon as you head over that threshold the process of actually feeding and getting food into a city becomes a real problem. So we are in need of a way of actually generating and creating food inside of a city and it is a really new approach to agriculture. The two things that New Zealand does well is tech and agriculture. But it's to actually realise that that fits into a smart city solution and that we have that expertise and legacy and then go out and actually sell this to countries and places that actually need an urban and rural agricultural solution; because we don’t necessarily need it in New Zealand but it's needed elsewhere and we have the expertise.

Really having a look at the role that New Zealand can play within smart cities in the gaps that are not being serviced. If you look around the world Singapore is sort of serving the infrastructure side of smart cities. China and India are really doing it by actually building smart cities from scratch and Silicone Valley is supplying a lot of the sort of technology that we’re seeing in Smart Cities and big corporates like IBM and Cisco are looking at the grids and the infrastructure. You also have Mayor Bloomberg starting C40 so that all the mayors of the world can start talking about climate change and issues within cities. So this trend is global and it's going to actually have a massive impact. One of the other areas that New Zealand can really take their expertise into this trend is in the environmental space. Some of our expertise in managing the environment within a city is fantastic and we really need to look at some of these services and knowledge or leadership that we have that we can apply to smart cities.

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