Transcript: Mojo Coffee

Tay-Lann: Mojo started in Wellington. It was founded by Steve and Julie Gianoutsos 14 years ago. They opened a roastery just on the corner of Wakefield Street and started serving coffee there. Mojo has 35 cafes operating now, mostly in New Zealand. Our export markets include Japan, China and Chicago. Our newest market is in Chicago, which we’re very excited to share the New Zealand coffee culture. One of the key challenges that drove us to engage with NZTE was as we were expanding, it was very important for Mojo to deliver a consistent brand and experience across all markets. NZTE provided us with two workshops; the first workshop was focused on defining our digital strategy and the second workshop was about how we could extend our brand in a global market. The digital opportunities that came out of the first workshop was how we could better build our content strategy and our marketing in the digital space. 

From that workshop, we realized that all the training needed to move into the digital space so all of the modules or all of the chapters of training for hospitality was put on a digital hub. The Mojo Hub is a training platform that delivers modules to all of our staff. All of the content is delivered by video and the reason why we did this is we felt that video engaged our staff more than paper. One of the key things that we found with the digital hub was that we were able to identify key talent, we were able to train staff more efficiently and we were able to track where staff were at within their training so that every single team member that joins our team is getting the tools they need to work well. 

Another outcome from the first workshop was defining our content strategy and how we could properly resource that through existing people in our company that wanted to share information. For the second workshop we approached NZTE for leadership on how we can build a digital brand, including a website that worked for the US market specifically in Chicago. I think working with the Beachhead advisors was valuable because they challenged our strategy and the way they did that was they asked the tough questions. It’s good to have outside perspective and experts to help you do a little sense check to see where you are at. I think the way that it’s changed the culture of Mojo is that we’re all much more connected. When you embark in a digital strategy you have to look beyond just social media and just the tweets; it’s a much bigger picture than that. Get expert advice, work with people smarter than you and ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing.       

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