Transcript: Navigating the Daigou Channel

My name is Olivia Wong, I’m the Director of ACCESS CN.  ACCESS CN is a Chinese marketing agency based in Sydney. We assist the Australian and the New Zealand brand to get into the Chinese market. We position ourselves as a strategic partner with our brands to identify the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

Daigou means buying on behalf of someone. The Daigou market has helped the Australian and New Zealand brand in the last several years; helped them to present their product to their family and their friends. 

There are a number of different Daigou’s activities we have found Australian and New Zealand brands have been boost as a very popular category; so what we have found is that Daigou is a very strong channel to help them as an awareness channel as well as a sales vehicle.

We have found that there are a number of different opportunities for New Zealand companies to tap into this channel; for example, if we don’t have enough advertisement budget in the Chinese market why not consider to leverage all these channels for them to talk about your products. On the other hand, when they have family and their friends visit New Zealand, Daigou is such a great group to help them to influence them on certain of the good brands and products. 

On the other side is because of the traders and the across border market we believe a direct parcel which is sent from New Zealand to China; this is a channel to grow stronger and Daigou sits on this category very strongly; so that’s why we think we will have a lot of opportunities.

There are so many things that we need to think about before we work with them. The majority probably have around three points: (1) thinking about the brand story; (2) what’s the position you position Daigou in your whole journey; and (3) thinking about to provide something to them to make their business effectively and what did they need to talk to that. So these are probably the three tips that I would give to New Zealand companies.

Hi my name is Jerry Cload. I’m the Director of Smart at Residence, a social media and strategy company based in Shanghai. 

At Residence I’m focused on the idea of producing better quality insights for clients and one of the key philosophies that we have is trying to understand Chinese consumers from their perspective; so trying to understand local realities and local pain points and making sure that’s at the forefront of what a brand is doing. So often we see international brands are trying to force their brand story onto Chinese consumers. What we want to do is turn that around and find more interesting and intuitive ways to understand the lives of Chinese consumers.

The most important thing regarding a brand story is that it is truly differentiated from others. Quite often brands are focused on the idea of pleasing their consumers but the thing is they need to be doing that from their own unique starting point. So the first thing to do is really understand what your own identity is and then think very carefully how you can communicate that in an engaging and relevant way in China. 

So the most basic thing: know who you are before you project it to others.

The most important thing in terms of creating a great brand story is to be able to create a level of relevance in the lives of your consumers; something that they can attach to, something they can engage with, something that feels natural and intuitive and most importantly something that solves a problem – something that makes life better.

In terms of New Zealand brands creating great brand stories in China the most important thing to do is not to be a flag bearer for New Zealand. The most important thing is to think of yourself first; be a little bit selfish, think about what your story is first then leverage the great things we have in God zone.

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